My Cleaning Routine


And I mean nobody likes to clean. It is the one task everyone dreads doing! Even those who can’t function without their house being spotless, still don’t enjoy doing it.

As horrible and dreadful as it is though, it has to get done (unfortunately).

Those pile of dishes in the sink have to get washed and those wrinkly clothes in the dryer have to be folded (after you refluff them a third time).

So, in order to get EVERYTHING done, you have to have motivation, of course, but also some sort of structure.

The cleaning and weekly routine I have created for myself has helped me maintain a clean home (when I actually follow it…you know how life is..)

For me, spending time with my family is more important than keeping my house clean. What I like to do is try to clean the best I can, but make sure I make time to play with my toddler.

The only way to keep your house clean is to find a routine that works for you and stick with it. This particular routine works best for me, since I’m a stay-at-home mom, but it can still give you ideas or inspiration to create a routine of your own!

Daily Cleaning Routine

My main focus of my cleaning daily routine is the areas that we spend the most of the day in. The only cleaning products I use are equal parts vinegar and water for all surfaces. For the tub and toilet, I use baking soda and vinegar.

Daily Top Priorities:

If I don’t have time that day, these are the things I try to make sure get done no matter what.

1. Make bed

2. Empty out the dishwasher and maintain an empty sink

3. Keep dining room table clear and wiped down after eating

4. Pick up the toys before bed

5. Quick bathroom wipe down

My Daily Cleaning Routine


1. Make bed

2. Unload dishwasher after breakfast while Noah listens to music

3. Quick house pick up: I take about ten minutes to pick up the things that aren’t in their place and put them back where they belong.

4. Laundry: I’ll start a load, or switch clothes over from the washer to the dryer, or fold a load while Noah is playing

*Time with Noah

While Noah naps:

1. Clean the two rooms I have for that day

2. Quick bathroom wipe down

3. Quick kitchen wipe down

4. Get mail and sort

5. Work on any special tasks on to-do list

*Noah wakes up and we spend time together

Before Adam gets home:

1. Vacuum areas the dogs are the most

2. Quick house pick up

3. Start on dinner

*After dinner Adam gives Noah a bath, while I clean up the kitchen from dinner

*Family time

(The reason for dog hair EVERYWHERE…)

After Noah goes to bed:

1. Pick up around the house

2. Sweep kitchen floor

3. Start dishwasher

4. Remove dog hair from couch

Weekly Cleaning Routine

For my weekly cleaning, I try to clean two rooms a day starting on Monday, so by Friday I have the whole house clean and I have the weekend to spend time with my family.

Monday: Master Bathroom and Guest Bathroom

Tuesday: Master Bedroom and Noah’s Bedroom

Wednesday: Kitchen and Laundry Closet

Thursday: Living Room and Lydia’s Room

Friday: Den and Storage Room

Weekend: Family Time

If you break down your cleaning and schedule in certain times of the day, or when you get home from work, your house can get clean! I certainly hope I gave you some ideas to add to your own cleaning routine.

Happy cleaning!


Germaphobe at a Hospital

I am not big on patience.

Today I’m at the hospital almost 28 weeks pregnant waiting for my glucose test. You know, the test where you drink pure sugar, wait an hour and then they take your blood, so they can see how your body reacts to it. Well that was last week. I failed miserably, so here I am again to take the THREE HOUR one.

Yes. That means I’ll be at the hospital with a low immune system, with the deadly flu virus at its peak flying through the air…for THREE HOURS.

Did I mention I’m a germ freak?

I’m the weirdo that doesn’t like touching doorknobs and won’t let people walk around my house with their shoes on. Go ahead and judge, except on the shoes thing, that one makes sense. (You go into public restrooms, your shoes are next to the toilet. To me, it’s like you’re tracking poop in my house. There’s an article on it. Go read it.)

So, here I am with a mask on, so I don’t catch anything and I decided to take it up a notch and wear my glasses as well. SIDE NOTE: glasses and wearing a mask do not mesh well. Not only are my glasses sliding off every two seconds, but they fog up every time I exhale.



I guess it’s kind of funny to think about, but I’m not laughing quite yet. (Maybe after I get food in my belly…which has to wait until I take the test.)

Because I don’t want to catch anything, I decided not to walk around to kill time. So the next 3 hours will be spent on my phone, avoiding conversation with people. Not because I’m antisocial, but like I said, I don’t want to catch anything. Even if that means being the waiting room weirdo, wearing a mask and glasses, trying to avoid people at all costs. Here’s to 2 hours and 50 minutes. Wish me luck…

Planner Organization

Getting a brand new planner is so exciting to me! It may sound odd to some people, but then there’s other type of people (MY PEOPLE), who get pure joy out of making lists or planning out birthday parties or buying stickers or washi tape for their planner. Half the fun of owning a planner is decorating it, right? Yes.

So, the end of last month (December) was an exciting time for me because, well yes, Christmas, but ALSO, it was time to get a new planner! WOO! (Don’t judge.) Last year I used The Happy Planner and I looooved it! I have never used a planner that was so customizable and affordable at the same time. It was awesome! So, of course, I am using the same one.

ANYWAY…this is how I set up my planner, just to give you some sort of motivation or just ideas to help you when you are getting organized yourself. You just have to do what works for you!

(As much as I would love to say I fill everything out everyday, and do my daily cleaning routine, it just does not happen! Sometimes you just do what you can…did I mention I have a toddler…..and pregnant?)

My Planner set up: 

  1. To-do List
  2. Everyday Routine (mine and my toddler’s)
  3. Weekly Routine
  4. Prayer List

Meal Planner:

  1. Meals for the week / Grocery List
  2. Dinner Ideas
  3. Sides / Snack Ideas

House Cleaning:

  1. Daily Cleaning
  2. Master Bathroom
  3. Guest Bathroom
  4. Noah’s Room
  5. Master Bedroom
  6. Kitchen / Laundry
  7. Living Room
  8. Lydia’s Room
  9. Den


  1. Bill Payment Tracker
  2. Savings
  3. Debt Payment Tracker (to be added)

The Actual Planner:

  1. Monthly Calendar
  2. Weekly

(Details on how I plan monthly and weekly are under their pictures.)

IMG_9014 (1)                       IMG_9015

This is the front cover, and when you open it, the first thing I have is a little pouch from The Happy Planner. All I have in there is writing utensils and washi tape.

IMG_9018                         IMG_9019

I have my “notes” insert from The Happy Planner and use them as my To-Do List everyday. And right after that, I have my (permanently wrinkled) Everyday Routine.

IMG_9029                       IMG_9030

My Weekly Routine consists of what room I’m cleaning that day or updating the planner or making the grocery list. I use this at a guide when filling out the weekly portion of my planner out. After that I have my Prayer List.  (And as you can see, we have a good example of taking pictures during the day versus the nighttime.)

IMG_9031                         IMG_9032

Now time for the Meal Planning section! I use a “notes” insert to use as my “Meals this Week” and right underneath I write my Grocery List. I prefer not to use a weekly meal plan, because I only make a few dinner meals a week and wouldn’t be filling out the whole thing, and I don’t like to assign a meal to a specific day.  Then I have some Dinner Ideas I jotted down, if I can’t think of anything to make. I also have a page for snack and sides.

IMG_9034                         IMG_9036

The Cleaning section of my planner is just my Daily Cleaning and then I have a page for each room in the house on how to clean each one. I use it as a guideline when I’m cleaning, or at least I TRY to.


The last section I added to my planner is the Budget section. Here I have a regular “notes” insert designed for my planner that I turned into a chart to record my family’s monthly bills (Bill Payment Tracker). I also have a Savings page, that I didn’t show, and would like to add a Debt Tracker as well.

FullSizeRender (1)

And now we finally made it to the actual planner itself! Here’s the Monthly Calendar. I go pretty easy on the stickers; just like one of the stickers says on this page: “Less is More.” I fill out the usual events like most people: appointments, birthdays, etc, but I also like to write down “payday” in a specific color and the months bills all in a specific color. (but of course, I did not in this lovely example I gave you)

FullSizeRender (3)

Here’s half of my week just to give you an example. In the first set boxes I write the room(s) I’m cleaning that day in black and underneath is whatever else I have in my “Weekly Routine.”  So the first set of boxes say the same thing every week. Then in the second set of boxes, I use that section for events or any special reminders I have that day. The last row is used for anything extra I need to jot down, but for the most part that stays empty, or sometimes I put a sticker there.

Well, there you have it! I hope you got some organizing ideas from this post. Thanks for reading, and happy planning!